Head of School Welcome

As Clinical Associate Dean for the Prince of Wales Clinical School, I would like to warmly welcome undergraduate and research students as well as new staff to our school and to the hospital campus. To 1st year medical students congratulations on entry into medicine and embarking on the six year journey towards becoming a medical practitioner. I also welcome back our later year students who have successfully completed another year and move closer towards the completion of their clinical studies.

To students, use our large hospital campus as a source of inspiration and motivation to discover better ways of caring for patients and preventing disease. Our research infrastructure is world class and there is ample opportunity for exposure to a range of different types of research. Recent highlights include the development of the Adult Cancer Program housed at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre on the University of New South Wales Campus and The Bright Alliance, a partnership with the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Health-Science Alliance. This new program of research complements our strong research profile in neurosciences, psychosocial and clinical pharmacology, toxicology and orthopaedics. All our research groups are world-class and we look forward to supporting their continual growth and development in the years to come.

To new research, clinical, teaching and administration staff or conjoints – welcome to the school, and join us in our goal to make our school and University excel in all our activities.

I encourage students, their teachers and staff to use the Prince of Wales Clinical School website as your principal source of information for your activities.

Head of School
Prince of Wales Clinical School