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Dr Pierre Dilda

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Phone: 58796


Research Interests:
The discovery that arsenic trioxide induces complete remission in a high percentage of patients with APL has renewed interest in arsenic for the treatment of cancer. We have designed a synthetic tripeptide trivalent arsenical, GSAO (4-(N-(S-glutathionylacetyl)amino) phenylarsenoxide), a mitochondrial poison that inhibits proliferating, but not growth-quiescent, endothelial cells in vitro and angiogenesis in vivo. At a preclinical level in mice models implanted with various human tumours, GSAO demonstrated tumour growth inhibition mediated by anti-angiogenic effects. The ¡°first in human¡± trial of GSAO is currently recruiting patients with progressing advanced solid tumours who failed standard therapies. GSAO is given intravenously to patients. To date 23 patients have been enrolled. GSAO was well tolerated and there is strong preliminary evidence of anti-tumour activity.

PhD (UniParisV, France)

Broad Research Areas:
Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Cancer, Molecular Structure & Drug Design, Metabolism

Specific Research Keywords:
Drug Discovery, Cancer Drug Development and Pharmacology, Drug Resistance, Medicinal Chemistry, Arsenical-based drugs

University role

Senior Research Fellow