Conjoint Information

UNSW Medicine recognises and wishes to acknowledge and reward individuals who actively participate in the teaching, research and service functions that allow fulfilment of its mission. The Faculty and POWCS acknowledges the enormous contribution to medical student teaching of medical and allied health professionals employed within the hospital and community practice settings.

We encourage clinical teachers in hospitals and community practice to take up conjoint appointments with POW Clinical School. We are aware of the great efforts of senior and junior staff in providing education for UNSW medicine students. Conjoint appointment is seen as one way to acknowledge these contributions.

Conjoint appointment also helps us to keep clinical teachers and researchers engaged in the life of the university. Other benefits include use of the UNSW library platform (comprehensive journal access) and other IT infrastructure like UNSW email and web calendar. Conjoints can also use the University Ethics Committee, and are eligible for University based grants and awards. Another great benefit is the ability to attend free seminars for staff, in particular the Induction Day for New Teaching Staff. See here for more information.

To apply for a conjoint position with the Prince of Wales Clinical School, please click on this link to take you to the online application form (this form cannot be saved part completed). Please check prior to submitting an application if you are unsure whether you already have a conjoint status with POWCS or when your re-appointment application is due.

After you have submitted an application for appointment, you will be contacted and invited to meet with the Director, Clinical Teaching Unit or Head of School, and after this meeting your application will take approximately 4 weeks to process and you will be advised in writing of the outcome.

For promotion queries to Associate Professor and Professor, please contact

For more information, please click on this link to take you to the Faculty of Medicine information page for conjoints.