Scientia Clinical Research

image - Scientia Clinical Research at UNSW

Scientia Clinical Research (previously know as Australian Advanced Treatment Centre) at UNSW Australia is the first publicly funded purpose built early phase clinical trials centre in New South Wales, Australia. In addition to first into human and first into patient studies the facility will also support later phase trials across a broad range of disciplines.

Scientia Clinical Research will provide a world class state of the art facility for:

  • clinical trials in cancer, ophthalmology, neurology, addiction medicine, rheumatology and paediatrics;
  • the investigation of medicines, biomedical equipment, devices and other procedures and treatments;
  • phase I to IV clinical trials in healthy and patient volunteers; and
  • clinical research methods development and support.

This dedicated facility will offer many benefits to the community including:

  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge of clinical researchers and ancillary staff
  • Attracting and retaining high quality clinical researchers in Australia
  • Supporting better outcomes for patients by improving clinical standards
  • Providing more opportunities for patients to be included in clinical trials
  • Increasing research revenue to support funding of local research infrastructure
  • Creating career opportunities for staff wanting to specialise in clinical research
  • Establishing a support network for researchers to increase trial activity and share ideas

Importantly, Scientia Clinical Research is co-located within a major research precinct which includes the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the Prince of Wales Hospital and UNSW. Whilst Scientia Clinical Research will work across many different disease areas it will also be a member of The Bright Alliance, which is focused on supporting new ideas and discoveries in cancer prevention and treatment.

Year of Establishment

The construction of Scientia Clinical Research is being delivered in two phases where the first phase is expected to be completed by October 2014 and the second by mid 2016. The construction of Scientia Clinical Research is supported by Commonwealth funding through the Therapeutic Innovation Australia and by the NSW State Government.

About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an essential component of improving healthcare outcomes for patients and for developing innovative medicines, medical devices and diagnostics. Clinical trials demonstrate if a new treatment works in humans and how safe and effective it is for future use. They are conducted in both healthy volunteers and patients depending on the stage of development. It is a legal requirement for all new drugs and medical devices to be tested this way before they can be approved and so essential that people are willing to participate in clinical trials.

Whilst we mostly think about clinical trials testing treatments, this is not always the case - many of them look at new ways to detect, diagnose or learn more about a disease. Some even look at ways of preventing diseases happening in the first place. They also provide an avenue for patients to access new treatments and for researchers to convert their findings into practical outcomes.

It is generally accepted that patients on trials have better outcomes due to close monitoring and careful application of the best evidence-based clinical care. New, improved treatments are often available many years in advance of commercial availability at lower cost to the health sector and providing immediate benefit to patients on trials. Healthy volunteers on trials make a significant contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge and outcomes for patients. The Australian Government has an excellent website that explains exactly what clinical trials are all about, how important they are to our society and how you can get involved:


Predominantly servicing the Biotechnology and the Pharmaceutical industry Scientia Clinical Research will perform phase I-IV clinical trials for multinational and national pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The Scientia Clinical Research will also provide support for small and medium trials initiated by cooperative trial groups and research investigators. The centre will provide advice and assistance to academic researchers and clinicians on the design, and conduct of clinical research.


30 inpatient beds Conduct of phase I-IV clinical trials
Cardiac telemetry to all inpatients beds Protocol development
18 consulting rooms Investigator brochure preparation
2 procedure rooms Informed consent development
Pharmacokinetic/pharmcodynamic (drug) laboratory Preparation and submission of ethics applications
Lounge/recreation area for long stay patients Management of documents for regulatory and CTN scheme
Waiting areas, offices and stores Data entry and quality control
  Project planning and management
  Sample processing and analysis
  cGMP compounding