ACP seminars

The Adult Cancer Program (ACP) seminars are held every two weeks on Tuesdays on Level 4 in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre.

The seminars are designed for each of the teams within the ACP to highlight their team's research. Each seminar is for 1 hour, the format of each seminars (with the exception of those from external spears) are determined by individual groups. These seminars are open for anyone to attend.

If you have any questions about the seminars please contact Dr Jason Wong <>.

Below is the current schedule for 2017 (subject to change):

4-Apr Dr Jason Wong (Bioinformatics & Integrative Genomics Group, ACP) 11am
18-Apr Prof. Bettina Meiser (Psychosocial Research Group, ACP) 12pm
2-May Prof. Boon Chua (Director of Cancer and Haematology Services, POWH) 12pm
16-May A/Prof. Kerrie McDonald (Neuro-oncology Group, ACP) 11am
30-May Dr Dan Carter (Molecular Carcinogenesis Program, CCIA) 12pm
27-Jun Prof. David Goldstein (Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Group , ACP) 12pm
4-Jul Prof. John Pimanda (Stem Cell Group, ACP) 11am
11-Jul A/Prof. Phoebe Phillips (Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Group, ACP) 12pm
18-Jul Prof. Hubert Hondermarck (Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle) 11am
25-Jul Dr Darren Saunders (Mechanisms of Disease and Translational Research, SOMS) 12pm
8-Aug Prof. Kevin Downard (Infectious Disease Response Laboratory, ACP) 11am
15-Aug Ashleigh Swain (PhD completion seminar, SOMS) 11am
22-Aug Prof. Susan Ramus (Molecular Oncology Group, ACP) 12pm
29-Aug Veronica Mendoza Reinoso (PhD completion seminar, DRDU, SOMS) 11am
5-Sep Dr Jeremy Henson (Cancer Cell Immortality Group, ACP) 11am
26-Sep Dr Heather Lee (Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle) 11am
3-Oct A/Prof. Jia-Lin Yang (Sarcoma and Nano-oncology Group, ACP) 12pm
17-Oct Prof. Peter Gunning (Cellular and Genetic Medicine Unit, SOMS) 12pm
24-Oct A/Prof. Nigel Turner (Mitochondrial bioenergetics, SOMS) 11am
31-Oct Honours practice seminars 12pm
14-Nov Dr Vashe Chandrakanthan (Stem Cell Development and Tissue Regeneration Laboratory, ACP) 12pm
21-Nov Dr Nadeem Kaakoush (SOMS) 11am
28-Nov Dr Caroline Ford (Metastasis Research Group, ACP) 11am
5-Dec A/Prof. Kyle Hoehn (School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences) 11am
12-Dec Dr Britta Stordal (Middlesex University London) 2pm