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Plaudits for Prince of Wales Clinical School Graduates

AMA (NSW) acknowledged the achievements of exemplary interns, residents and registrars with the 2013 Doctors-in-Training Awards.

The awards were presented at the 2013 AMA (NSW) Investec Specialist Bank Doctors - in - Training Black, Red & White Ball, 23 March in two categories:

  • NSW Minister for Health / Cutcher & Neale JMO of the Year
  • NSW Minister for Health / Investec Registrar of the Year

In these categories the AMA are looking for doctors who have excellent clinical skills, do volunteer or community work, provide support to their colleagues and live up to the Health Minister's CORE values (collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment).

Nominations received for the JMO of the Year Award were categorised by training network and each network was asked to nominate representatives to select a finalist to represent that network.

We are extremely proud to say that the winner and runner-up of the 2013 JMO of the Year were both Prince of Wales Clinical School undergraduates.

Jenny Lauschke was a student at Prince of Wales Clinical School for her final year and graduated in 2010, and Xuan Ye completed his final two years at Prince of Wales Clinical School, graduating in 2011. Xuan is currently a resident at Prince of Wales Hospital and continues to teach medical students at every opportunity.

Dr Jenny Lauschke, Hunter New England Health Network, winner, JMO of the Year

Dr Lauschke’s nomination describes her as providing outstanding clinical management, professionalism and communication skills. She has been particularly active in supporting her fellow JMOs in the Hunter New England area, including as Vice President of the Hunter New England Resident Medical Officers’ Association. In that role, her report on workforce challenges at Manning Base Hospital led to improved staffing and rosters for JMOs. She is extensively involved in academic research and has won numerous awards and prizes. She is also very active in volunteer work and, amongst other things, has undertaken voluntary ophthalmology work over a number of years in rural NSW and in the Pilbara/Kimberley regions of WA.  To quote from her nomination, “Dr Lauschke is a very engaging individual whose openness, approachability and attentive listening abilities [have] … earned her enormous respect from all colleagues during her time with the Hunter New England Health Network.”

Dr Xuan Ye, Prince of Wales Hospital, runner up, JMO of the Year

Dr Ye’s nomination was notable for the wide support it received from within the PoW hospital. Particular mention was made of the volunteer work that he has undertaken, especially with the Orthopaedic Outreach Program to Fiji and his mentoring of high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  His nomination is summed up by a comment from a specialist that “Dr Ye … stood out as one of the finest young doctors with whom I have ever had the privilege to work. To a broadly and incisively competent clinical acumen and thoroughly professional demeanour he adds both a warm and genuine humility and an unassuming and empathetic ability to win the trust, confidence and affection of his patients.”