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Teaching Awards 2015

The Prince of Wales Clinical School annual teaching awards recognise and reward the outstanding teachers who contribute to undergraduate medical student education.
Below are the winners for 2015.
Bryan Yeo Best Teacher Awards in the categories of Consultant, Reg and JMO
Consultant Winner - Dr Shing Wong
Registrar Winner - Dr Tony Sammel
JMO Winner- Dr Sapna Walles
Prince of Wales Clinical School, Clinical Teacher of the Year Award
Awarded to Dr Lyndal Newton.
Dr Newton was recognised by students in nominations for Best Teacher. She also has a larger role in coordinating and delivering teaching in the Aged Care program.
Prince of Wales Clinical School Award
Awarded to Dr Warren Kidson.
Dr Kidson recently retired from teaching in the POWH Clinical Teaching Unit after 45.5 years. The Clinical School thanks Dr Kidson for his commitment to teaching, in particular delivering regular Endocrinology tutorials to students over decades.
Faculty of Medicine Conjoint Teacher Awards
Best Overall Conjoint Teacher awarded to Dr Gordon Flynn. 
Dr Flynn was the previous winner of POWCS Teacher of the Year Award. This year, he set up airways management simulation in Glen McEnally run quarterly for medical students.