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UNSW Medicine Learning and Teaching Awards

The Faculty offers a range of awards to recognise and reward outstanding contributions in teaching and to further the development of scholarly practice in learning and teaching.

The awards are based on the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (formerly Carrick Institute) Awards for University Teaching.
The School is proud to have two of its staff members, A/Prof Jia Lin Yang and Dr Caroline Ford to win the awards.
  • Award for Teaching Excellence (One award) - Winner: Nalini Pather (SoMS)
  • Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (Maximum of Three awards) - Winner: Nicole Jones (SoMS), A/Prof Jia Lin Yang (POWCS), Irena Dedova (SoMS)
  • Award for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (One award) - Winner: Dr Caroline Ford (POWCS)
  • Award for Excellence in Enhancing the Student Experience (One award, specifically for Professional and Technical staff) - Winner: Sarah Jacob (SPHCM)