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Congratulations to Emily He, recipient of the White-Walker Cancer Research (Oxford) Scholarship

POWCS HDR student Emily He was awarded the inaugural White-Walker Cancer Research (Oxford) Scholarship, working in Oxford in 2016/17. Whilst at Oxford, Emily attended the World Cancer Congress in Paris. 

Emily describes her scholarship experience below:

"I had a wonderful time at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford. It was a tremendous privilege to be able to spend 4½ months at CEU, learning cancer epidemiology from world-leading experts. There were unparalleled learning opportunities in working with large, population-based datasets and dealing with the many challenges that arose.  I was extremely well supported in my research by Dame Prof Valerie Beral, Prof Jane Green and their team of epidemiologists and statisticians.

I have completed the preliminary analyses and have drafted an abstract of my work at CEU. I will be submitting my abstract to the International Epidemiology Association World Congress of Epidemiology conference which will be held in Japan during August 2017. I will aim to submit the manuscript in the first half of 2017. 

In terms of timing, it did require frequent reviews from Valerie and Jane, as well as long hours at the office and working over the Christmas holidays, to ensure that we had preliminary results by the end of my Program.

In summary, I believe that the White Walker Scholarship has provided me with one of the best learning experiences in my life and I would strongly advocate for it to be offered to any other research student."

A call for EoIs from PhD students for the White-Walker Scholarship will be made soon.