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Statistical Consultant starting with POWCS 14 February

POWCS is pleased to announce that Chris Pardy, from UNSW Stats Central, will be working in the school (Lowy level 2) one day per week on Tuesdays offering free design and analysis advice to POWCS HDR and ILP students and staff*.

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Contact Dr Chris Pardy to make an appointment:

Dr Chris Pardy – UNSW Stats Central

Location: Lowy Level 2, room 209


Time: Each Tuesday, starting 14th February

Phone: 9385 2317

Chris will be available initaly as a 6 month trial, but will continue if need is ongoing.

*Standard consulting rates will apply for labour-intensive projects  that require days or weeks to complete, following agreement with the school e.g. difficult problems requiring methodological development or code-writing, or data analysis by the consultant Chris.

About Stats Central - the UNSW Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Unit

Stats Central is a 2025 Strategy initiative, part of the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, funded by the Research Division and a suite of partner schools and units. Their main clients are in Science, Medicine and Engineering, and our school is now in partnership with them, as are two other schools in Medicine (SoWCH and SPHCM).

Core functions that are available/can be arranged for POWCS staff and students:

Statistical consulting: advice on study design and analysis (face-to-face, with reading and follow-up)

• Free advice to all POWCS HDR and ILP students

• Free design advice for all POWCS research and conjoint staff

Grant applications: statistical review and collaboration.

If you would like feedback on design and analysis plans for your next grant application please contact Chris

Seminars, workshops and short course programs: can be arranged if demand sufficient eg core design and analysis technique; how to excel in the statistical design component of NHMRC Projects.