Prince of Wales
Clinical School

Welcome to the Prince of Wales Clinical School!

POWCS is advantageously situated between the three teaching hospitals at Randwick, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Children's Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Women. With the support of our teaching hospitals, our School has a proven track record of delivering high quality medical education to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as elective students from national and international medical schools.

The school has more than 300 undergraduate students, including 30 Independent Learning Program and Honours students and over 50 postgraduate research students across the programs of Medicine and Surgery. We have over 80 staff members comprising academics, researchers, professional and technical staff. There are nearly 500 conjoint appointments, who are principally clinicians and physicians employed by POW Hospital, contributing to our undergraduate teaching, postgraduate supervision and research.


There are many active laboratory and clinical research groups in the School. These groups work at the Prince of Wales Hospital, in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre or in NeuRA. Our facilities for clinical research are enhanced by the new clinical research facility, Scientia Clinical Research, which provides facilities to accommodate all phases of clinical trials.