Omid Faridani

About us

My lab is interested in developing single-cell transcriptomic technologies to characterise circulating tumour cells (CTCs). CTCs are diverse cells in the form of single cells or cell clusters that are released by solid tumours into the circulation (blood circulation and lymphatic system). CTCs can be used as a liquid biopsy to obtain information from tumours in a minimally invasive way. The lab aims to investigate whether CTC can potentially serve as a predictive/prognostic biomarker in solid cancers. To reach this aim, we develop the technology we need.

Previous projects:

We developed Smart-seq2, a method for single-cell full-length RNA sequencing. The method has been used worldwide to detect low expressed genes/exons and SNPs in single cells. Recently, we introduced Smart-seq3, an accurate and highly sensitive method to profile expressed genes in full-length, to detect SNPs and to reconstruct RNA isoforms. Smart-seq3 uses UMI to count the number of RNA molecules.

BioRxiv, 2019

image - Omid Faridani

Furthermore, we created Small-seq, the first method to detect expression of small RNAs and specifically microRNAs in individual cells. We could cluster cell types by their miRNA expression.

Nature Biotechnology, 2016.
Nature Protocols, 2018.

image - Omid Faridani