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The aim of our clinical research group is to investigate the mechanisms, prevention and treatment strategies for neurological disease including motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke. We also have a research focus covering chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity and inherited neuropathies. We are involved in a number of clinical trials aimed at preventing or slowing the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Our research is intrinsically linked to the provision of clinical services, particularly the Multidisciplinary Motor Neurone Disease Clinic; the Hereditary Nerve and Muscle Clinics and Diagnostic Neurophysiology Clinics, all run through Prince of Wales Hospital. Neurological consultation and clinical neurophysiological services are also provided at the UNSW Professorial Suite.

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Phone: 91144250

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Collaborators Area of Research

Instituteof Oncology
Prof Michael Friedlander
Prof David Goldstein
Prof Robyn Ward

Chemotherapy Induced Neurotoxicity

Department of Nephrology
Prof Bruce Russell
The George Institute
Universityof Sydney

Exploring the Pathophysiology of Uraemic Neuropathy

Mayo Clinic, USA

Biomarkers of Diabetic Neuropathy

Spinal Unit POWH
Dr Stella Engel
Dr Bonne Lee

Nerve Function After Spinal Injury

Prof Hugh Bostock FRS

Modelling Of Excitability Changes In Neurological

Sobell Department, Institute of Neurology, London

Disease To Provide Mechanistic Insight


Resources & Tools

The Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry

The Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry was launched by Professor Matthew Kiernan on Motor Neurone Disease Global Awareness Day, 21 June 2005, at the Annual Conference for Health and Community Care Providers.

The Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry is a clinical database that provides a means to facilitate the collection and analysis of Motor Neurone Disease patient data such as demographics, site of onset, diagnosis data, treatment type, changes in functional capacity, complications related to disease progression and the impact of new treatments and interventions for Motor Neurone Disease. The goals of the registry are to improve patient care through continuous evaluation of patient management and associated outcomes and to form significant scientific research collaborations with organisations and individuals to further the understanding of Motor Neurone Disease.

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Grants & Funding


2010-2013: National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC); $444,411

2010-2013: NH&MRC project grant; $244,250

2009-2012: NH & MRC project grant; $571,175

2012: Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute Australia Grant; $81,000

2008-2011: NH & MRC project grant; $297,250

2011: Brain Foundation Research Grant; $44,000

2011: Office for Science and Medical Research Grant; $300,000


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