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Refer to the UNSW Finance website


  • TR1 - Travel Approval Form
  • TR5 - Travel Diary Form
  • ER1 - Reimbursement of Expenses to Employees and Students
  • MV2 - Private Vehicle Mileage Form



There are two important sources of information you should refer to:

Arranging Travel

The process is as follows:


  • All travel must be approved by your supervisor.
  • If travel is funded from a research grant the grant holder needs to approve the expenditure
  • If travel is funded through School Funds then expenditure must be approved by the Head of School. 

Identify best price/suitable airfare by comparing quotes University preferred suppliers include STA Academic and Corporate Travel, Ph. 1300 859 923 and Voyager travel, Ph 02 8354 3930.  If you find a cheaper airfare elsewhere request Voyager or STA to match it then book it through Serko® (see below). 

Calculate other expenses such as conference fees, accommodation, meals and incidentals to get a total estimated cost for the trip.  Refer to the Travel Budget Calculator to calculate international travel allowances.

Complete TR1 – Travel Approval Form and send for approval to the School Manager

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Risk Management Assessment - Now a four page document.  You can also use the Travel Risk Management Decision Tree

Book Use your corporate credit card to pay for your flights.   

You can choose to book your flights through The University Travel Portal & Serko®  - this has several advantages:

  • Easy to book flights and accommodation
  • Calculates your allowances
  • Records your travel details into MyTrips
  • Generates a Travel Diary (required by the ATO to calculate Fringe Benefits Tax)

Serko® can be accessed through the University Finance Travel portal which gives you all the information needed to arrange your travel

How to guide - Register and set-up your profile on Serko®    also refer Powerpoint or pdf instructions     

  • Make sure you enter your name as it is on your passport
  • The default corporate account code for POWCS is  POW Clinical Sch TMC STA

Log-In to Serko®

OR You can book through the preferred travel agents (STA and ATPI Voyager.  Your travel details will be entered into Serko® by the travel agent. 

OR You can book online but you must then enter the information manually into MyTrips

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Apply for conference leave/leave – via myUNSW

Set up Travel Diary

  • A Travel Diary is created in Serko® and is required when travel is for 6 or more nights
  • Completing a Travel Diary is required by the ATO - if a travel diary is not completed all travel costs will be subject to Payroll Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax (currently up to 107% of the total travel cost).
  • Attach your travel diary to your trip details in Serko
  • A travel diary must list business activities (eg attend conference, meetings) and any private days.
  • Students and visitors are not required to complete a diary.

You can also download a Travel Diary

Travel & Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
Where personal travel accounts for more than 40% of the travel or is greater than 6 nights you will incur FBT which can equate to 107% of total travel cost.  Students are not liable for FBT.

Travel costs are subject to FBT if:

  • The portion of private days is > 40% or
  • A Travel Diary is not submitted or
  • Private days of the trip are funded by UNSW (unusual)

Receipts & Claiming your expenses -  Keep receipts to claim for your expenditure.  Refer to the UNSW Finance page About Reimbursements.  Download a travel expense form ER1 here, complete and forward to POWCS Finance with your receipts.

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Submit your travel diary
Once you have returned from your trip Serko® will automatically send you a reminder to attach your completed travel diary to your booking. 

Insurance and Risk Management
The University's Travel policy provides travel insurance with ACE insurance for staff and students travelling overseas on official University business. This policy covers Staff (includes limited personal travel) and Students (no personal travel is included in this cover), Volunteers and Invitees of the University. For all travel outside of Australia register with ISOS - refer below

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Pre - trip advice and direct alerts

Support whilst traveling, security advice, local knowledge, medical assistance/advice and more

To assist staff and students in managing the risks associated with travel, UNSW has engaged International SOS (ISOS), a medical and travel risk management company to provide expert advice and assistance before travel, whist travelers are abroad or in an emergency.

All travel booked through the preferred Travel Agents or the UNSW Travel Management system (Serko) will automatically be loaded into ISOS. Travel booked independently will need to be manually entered into ISOS via My Trips. This allows travellers to receive travel alerts before and during their travel. If also allows UNSW to contact travelers if there is an incident or emergency.

ACE Insurance continues to provide travel insurance for UNSW travellers, however the ACE Assistance Card is replaced by the ISOS membership card (available from the website).  If you experience problems whilst oversees you contact ISOS first who will then contact ACE Insurance and the University on your behalf. 

For further information go to the International SOS Member web site

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Useful links:

Accommodation - University Approved Hotels

Car RentalsUniversity preferred rental cars – use the supplied corporate discount number.

University Car Hire Pool -

A range of vehicles is available including sedan, station wagon, ute or eight-seater. Prices start from $27 for a 3 hour minimum.

To hire a pool vehicle, email or call 9385 7388 and provide the following details:

  • Type of vehicle required
  • Date and time of pickup and return
  • Location and purpose of trip
  • Name of driver, driver’s licence number and expiry date
  • Staff ID number
  • Account details for charging: Fund/Dept/Project No.

For further information about hiring a pool vehicle go to the Motor Vehicles page.


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