New Staff and POWCS Induction



In their first week of work, new staff attend a general UNSW induction presented by Faculty of Medicine HR.  These sessions are usually held on a Monday at 3pm in the Boardroom, Level 2, AGSM Building. 

On day of arrival, new staff members are also inducted by the POWCS HR person.   During this session staff are assisted in obtaining their staff ID cards and setting up their IT access. 

New staff to POWCS are also required to complete a local-area induction and training in specific safe work procedures, as determined by their supervisor (refer Supervisor Guide to Induction.)  

Mandatory Training

As part of their induction new staff are required to complete the Employee Acknowledgment form and return it to the POWCS HR administrative assistant. Within this form are links to several mandatory on-line training programs:

  • Equal Opportunities Online - via myUNSW
  • The Responsible Employee - available through myUNSW  log-in then Moodle
  • Online Work Health and Safety Awareness - via myUNSW available through Moodle (My Courses) within 4 weeks
  • On line Ergonomics - via myUNSW, also available through Moodle
  • On line HS006 - via myUNSW  WHS Inductions list in My Staff Profile
  • HS114 Workstation Checklist
  • Lab Induction Checklist HS049  - Laboratory Staff must attend additional training – Go to the OHS Harm 2 Zero web site –  the type of induction session will be determined by the type of lab work.  Please refer to your supervisor.

Staff with supervisory responsibilities are also required to attend the following training sessions:   

  • OFFSUP Office Based Supervisor Training
  • LABSUP  Laboratory Supervisor Training

Apply through myUNSW  - My Profile -Training.

Staff working within POW Hospital buildings also require a POWH ID and to complete a POW Hospital Induction

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New Staff at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre

All staff located in the Lowy Cancer Research Centre are required to undergo a building induction session with Ken Wyse. The POWCS HR Admin person should arrange this for you.

Inductions are held every Tuesday and Thursday, meet on Level 4 by the lifts at 9.30am.  Wear fully enclosed shoes and no ballet flats.   A C25 Lowy Building Staff Access Application form will need to be completed.  

Laboratory staff will be required to complete a lab induction session with Weini Samuel.

Also refer to the POWCS OHS page

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New Staff located at  POWCS and POWH, Randwick

All UNSW staff working in POWH buildings require a POWH Hospital Staff ID card.  Application form must be signed by The Head of School (send to POWCS HR Assistant) and taken to Campus Security Services in Barker Street, Randwick – full address is on the form.


New staff working in the POWH campus are required to complete the following and then each year thereafter:

  • Welcome to the Organisation – non-paid employees  (UNSW employees)

Complete this online at:

Helpful notes to do this:-

  • Register - button is above the log in section.
  • Register as ‘Non-Paid Employee’ located in the appropriate facility (hospital) by supplying details in each drop down field as it becomes available following the previous answer
  • Once this mandatory module is completed further modules become available which should be completed if directed by your manager
  • The online module must be completed at least one week before attending Fire Prac (to facilitate data entry).
  • Practical session - How to correctly use a fire extinguisher
Details for 2017 are:
Venue: NE Corner, Edmund Blacket courtyard
Times: takes about 15 mins; select one of the following timeslots:
AM - 7.30, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30, 
PM – 2.30, 3.30
2017 Dates TBA
2016 last - 9 December

No bookings are required. Take your staff ID with you.

Note: You must sign the sign on sheet at arrival to record attendance for data entry purposes being careful to note your position and facility (hospital).

POWH campus Map

Parking at the POWH campus

There is a public car park located within the Hospital at the Barker Street entrance. See parking officer on basement level to be added to the waiting list.

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