Resources & Services

ICT - Information & Communication Technology

Faculty IT - Medicine Computing Support Unit (MCSU)

The UNSW SOE includes:

  • A Base Operating System (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Security Software (e.g. Anti-virus)
  • Common application sets (e.g. MS Office, Firefox)
  • Desktop customisation and configuration
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Helpful sites:

The Policy and Procedure contains important information and requirements in respect of the use of UNSW information and communication technology resources, including in relation to:

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Login and Password
Using your ZID number validate your staff ID and set your password.  This is done through IT -  Identity Manager page.  Please note the department code is POWCL.

Staff Directory
Create/update your contact details, log in to myUNSW then click on the ‘My Staff Profile’ tab, click the ‘Personal Details’ link then the ‘Staff Directory’ link.

For contractors, the ‘Personal Details’ link can be found at the bottom-right corner of the myUNSW landing page, under Utilities.

Affiliated staff that do not have a zID will need to fill out an OSA2 form to obtain a zID before updating their contact details. The OSA2 form can be downloaded from the UNSW IT website.

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Telephone & Voicemail
Numbers at the UNSW Kensington campus are prefixed by 938-5xxxx. To dial internally, dial 5xxxx.
Telephone numbers at the POWH campus are prefixed by 938-2xxxx. To dial internally, dial 2xxxx.
To dial a UNSW number from POWH, dial 72, plus the last 4 digits.

Set-up your voicemail:

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Requesting file access
Send an email to the Head of School's Executive Assistant with the following details:

  • Staff Name and ID
  • Manager’s or Supervisor’s approval
  • Files you wish to have access to
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Online Training Courses

UNSW IT have released an extensive on-line training package covering software and soft skills training, and a wide variety of additional courses –

Staff only need to enter their ZID to gain access to the training – no cost, only individual’s time. Training is in software, creative and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. UNSW staff have unlimited access to a vast library (2,278 courses and 109,000 tutorials) of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by professional teachers.

Courses are online - typically video stream and/or power point presentation 1 to 2 hours – including business skills such as influencing skills and  project management.  UNSW OSDS Unit will probably utilise and promote the courses as an add-on to face-to-face workshops.

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Help for students in distress

UNSW Counselling Services offers courses for staff on how to help students in distress. Refer to the Counselling Services website for upcoming courses. Counselling Services will provide in-house workshops if there is sufficient interest. If you and your colleagues would like an in-house workshop organised, please contact the POWCS Academic Support Officer, Kara Jacob, on 02 9382 8880 or

You can also refer students to Counselling Services. Please refer to their Contact Page.