How to apply

If you are interested in applying to the Prince of Wales Clinical School (POWCS) Postgraduate Research Program here is how the process works:

1. Choose a research program supported by POWCS on the Faculty of Medicine website

Note your program name and code (eg PhD Medicine, 1770), which you’ll need to fill out the rest of the documentation.

Also, determine if you can provide proof that you satisfy the requirements listed for your program. You can also view general requirements at the Graduate Research School (GRS) website and the Faculty of Medicine website.

2. Find a research area and appropriate primary and secondary supervisors affiliated with POWCS (refer to POWCS Potential PG Supervisor List 2019)

3. Discuss and review with your prospective supervisors the requirements for supervision, particularly that your primary supervisor doesn’t already have a full student quota under their supervision (the limit is 6 students for a primary supervisor)

4. Familiarise yourself with the candidature requirements responsibilities

5. Apply online

Check the Graduate Research School web page for key dates for lodging applications and enrolment for each term. 

*Late applications may be accepted. To discuss, please contact GRS administators

6. Accept the offer

If all goes well, you’ll receive an offer letter or email from the Graduate Research School. It will explain how you must then accept the offer via MyUNSW and to be admitted to Prince of Wales Clinical School.

7. Enrol

Once the Graduate Research School has processed your acceptance of offer, it will issue the school with your enrolment form. They are processed in batches about once a week. The school will forward it to you with notes to help you complete it. Send it back to the Postgraduate Administrator at who will organise approval from a Postgraduate Coordinator and further processing with the Graduate Research School.

Students can check their enrolment status online via MyUNSW. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled at the start of every term and that your enrolment is correct prior to the census date. Variations to enrolment after the term census date is not permitted. To check your enrolment details, log on to your student profile on MyUNSW. Don't stop at the 'Term Selection' page - it is misleading! Be sure to click the 'enrolment history' button beside the appropriate semester to go through to the 'Course Selection' page. Only from here can you confirm the details for your 'enrolled courses'  for that term, or otherwise it'll say "No enrolled courses found for this term" and you'll need to follow up your enrolment with the school.

Congratulations, once you are enrolled, you may start working on your thesis project. You can also collect your ID card from Estate Management, arrange for building access, Library access and on-campus parking.

If you have any difficulties or have any questions, please contact the Postgraduate Coordinators, Dr Jonathan Erlich ( and Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald ( Alternatively, the Administrator for Postgraduate Students may be able to assist with your enquiry (02 9385 8880 or