How to enrol or re-enrol

Enrolment and Student Resources

The school's internal deadlines for accepting enrolment forms are 31 January and 31 June. (This ensures adequate time for processing and reporting enrolments to the Graduate Research School and the government before the census date cut off).

For Current Students, look at the Graduate Research School website for full re-enrolment instructions.

For New Students, please visit the front desk at the Graduate Research School for the appropriate forms. Also, here is some helpful information to get you started from the Graduate Research School website.

It is each student's responsility to ensure they are properly enrolled each semester. To check your enrolment details, log on to your student profile on the MyUNSW website. Don't stop at the 'Term Selection' page - it is misleading! Be sure to click the 'enrolment history' button beside the appropriate semester to go through to the 'Course Selection' page. Only from here can you confirm the details for your 'enrolled courses'  for that term, or otherwise it'll say "No enrolled courses found for this term" and you'll need to follow up your enrolment with the school.

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Research School 9385 5500 or the Postgraduate Coordinators, Dr Jonathan Elrich ( or Dr Kerrie McDonald ( 

Compulsory Induction for Postgraduate Researchers - from Graduate Research School

Attendance at this event is compulsory for all students commencing a PhD, MPhil or Masters by Research and is essential to ensure a smooth transition to research study at UNSW. The Induction will provide you with crucial information on key issues about your candidature. Please see the Graduate Research School's Induction webpage for more details.

Also, a handy resource regarding your candidature requirements - and one you're be expected to be familiar with - is the Research Student Handbook. You can view it online or pick up a hard copy from the Graduate Research School.