Research Seminars

The 2016 Postgraduate Research Seminar was held on Friday 28 October 2016.

Avani Yeola was awarded best oral presentation for her presentation on 'Multipotent stem cells from primary human adipocytes' and Audrey Wang best poster for her work on 'A novel illusionary experiment in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): Are my hands that close together?'.

The guest speaker was Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert (Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of Schizophrenia Research, based at NeuRA and UNSW), whose research is focused on the molecular developmental neurobiology of schizophrenia. Her awards include the Eli Lilly Young Investigator Award, NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence, Independent Investigator Award and two Young Investigator Awards from NARSD. She has lectured throughout the world and contributed to over 150 publications

Seminars are an integral part of our students' degree program and attendance is compulsory for all students. POWCS runs seminars where students have an opportunity to present on the research activities undertaken in their programs.

Supervisors are encouraged to attend, especially if their students are presenting.

These seminars are available to all POW staff and students, and wider community and are free of charge.

Candidature requirements:

ALL POWCS postgraduate students are expected to attend and participate in seminar discussion. Students are also required to present or prepare a poster. If you have any concerns, please email the Postgraduate Coordinators, Dr Jonathan Erlich and Dr Kerrie McDonald.

Presentation Format:

  • The student will present a 10-12 minutes PowerPoint geared towards a general audience who may not be familiar with their research area.
  • First, they’ll quickly outline the premise and goals of their research.
  • They’ll elaborate on their progress and achievements to date.
  • The Postgraduate Coordinator(s) will conduct a short Q&A afterwards – audience participation is encouraged!
  • If you are due to present, please arrive early to load your presentation and familiarise yourself with the equipment. Be sure to bring your presentation in a compatible format on a USB drive.
  • Due to IT issues, audio and/or visual effects, such as sound recordings and video in the presentation may not work, so please do not rely on them as a focus point of your presentation.
  • Presenters should bring a hard copy of any talking notes in case a 'presenter view' is not available on the system's settings.


Remember to sign the attendance sheet, which is provided at the beginning or end of the seminar. A student attendance register is kept and may aid in assessing student participation and eligibility for future school scholarships and travel grants.

If you have any questions about expectations or requirements, don’t hesitate to contact Postgraduate Coordinators, Dr Jonathan Erlich and Dr Kerrie McDonald.