Postgraduate Seminar

The 2021 Postgraduate Research Seminar will be held on Friday 5 November 2021.

These POWCS seminars offer students the opportunity to present on the research activities undertaken in their programs. 

Attendance is compulsory for all research candidates in the Prince of Wales Clinical School.

Supervisors of research candidates are also required to attend.

These seminars are open to all POWCS staff and students and the wider community. They are free of charge. 

This is an online event - for link please contact

The event is expected to run between 9 am and 2.30 pm.

Further information will be provided over the coming months



Candidature requirements:

ALL POWCS postgraduate students are expected to attend and participate in seminar discussion. Students are also required to present or prepare a poster if requested. If you have any concerns, please email the Postgraduate Coordinators, Prof Bettina Meiser or Prof Jeff Holst

Oral presentations and posters should be geared toward a general audience who may not be familiar with their research area.

Oral presentations are expected to be 10-12 minutes long and should quickly outline the premise and goals of the research project. Progress and achievements should then be elaborated on. 

If requested to present, students will be sent formats for either PowerPoint presentations or Posters. 

A student attendance register is kept and may aid in assessing student participation and eligibility for future school scholarships and travel grants. 

Any questions about expectations or requirements can be addressed to the Postgraduate Coordinators or the School Administrator (