Thesis Submission

How to submit your thesis

Two months prior to submission you are required to lodge your intention to submit your thesis for examination via the Thesis Examination Management (TEM) system on myUNSW

Next you need to record your abstract on the 'TEM' system at myUNSW at any time after lodging your notification of submission.


  • A supervisor's certificate cannot be created until your abstract is submitted
  • The abstract is limited to 350 words only
  • This abstract will appear on your AHEGS statement at graduation

The Graduate Research School provides a Thesis Format Guide to help you with the final presentation of your thesis.


When you submit

You are required to submit:

TWO PAPER COPIES of the thesis (four copies for the degree of Doctor of Medicine) in appropriate binding. (Additional copies may be required by the School.)  The thesis paper copies should be delivered in person, or posted, to the appropriate campus office (details below). It is acceptable to present your thesis in temporary binding providing that the binding is secure enough to endure the examination process. For more information, refer to the Thesis Format Guide.


ONE SINGLE electronic copy (pdf format) of your thesis needs to be emailed to the appropriate campus office (details below) using the naming convention:   ‘Studentnumber – SURNAME, firstname – Thesis’ (This is the preferred option)

Inside each copy of your thesis, digital and paper, you must include:

  1. A Thesis Dissertation Sheet  (Word doc) after the front title page. Make sure the abstract on this sheet is the same 350-word version as the abstract you recorded on 'TEM'. MUST be signed, witnessed & dated.

  2. An Originality statement (pdf) after the Thesis/dissertation sheet page. MUST be signed & dated.

Once you have submitted

You can check the progress of your thesis examination through 'TEM' on myUNSW or with the appropriate campus office. Please do not contact the campus office until at least 10 weeks after your thesis has been submitted. Due to the confidential nature of the examination, only certain information may be provided.

For more information refer to the thesis submission policies and procedures on the Graduate Research School website.