Year 1 » Phase 1

Phase 1: Scenario based learning

Teaching in Phase 1 is organised around scenarios which present authentic activities of a medical graduate. You will be encouraged to discuss these scenarios in your scenario groups, and to reflect on the issues that they raise.

Through a series of learning activities ‐ lectures, tutorials, practicals and workshops ‐ you will explore the key issues and concepts that will eventually be examined at the end of each course. You will also be able to choose to pursue topics that interest you through your project and assignment work. The scenarios and other learning activities have been designed to widen your understanding of the issues that medical practice involves, while providing you with a sound introduction to the sciences and skills of modern medicine.

In semester 2 courses, learning activities will be made up of a mix of first and second year students. The mix of students and the activities planned will give you realistic opportunities to develop your team work, communication and reflection capabilities.

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