Year 1 » Recommended Textbooks & Equipment


Clinical Textbooks:

In Phase 1 the Faculty of Medicine recommends the following clinical examination and communication textbooks:
  • Silverman, J., Kurtz, S. and Draper, J. (2005). Skills for Communicating with Patients (2nd ed.). Abingdon, Oxon, UK; New York: Radcliffe Medical Press.
  • Epstein, O., Perkin, G.D., Cookson, J. and deBono, D. (2008). Clinical Examination (4th ed.). Edinburgh; New York: Mosby. 
Students have also found the following clinical skills textbooks very useful, particularly in senior medical student years:
  • Talley, N.J., O'Connor, S. (2010). Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis (6th ed.). Churchill Livingstone
  • Thomas J., Monaghan, T. (2007) Oxford Handbook of Clinical Exam and Practical Skills. Oxford University Press

Clinical Equipment:

You will need to acquire a basic set of examination tools. Then following is a good start, later on you might add other tools to your kit.
  • Stethoscope - it is worth investing in a good one.
  • Pen torch
  • Reflex hammer - the "Babinski" type that has a long flexible white plastic handle and soft round black rubber hammer is the one you want.
Contact the MedSoc Bookshop (located on the POW Hospital campus) for UNSW Student Discounts on medical books and examination tools.