Year 3

Welcome to Phase 2. In your third and fourth years you will complete a 32 week clinical coursework rotation and a 32 week Independent Learning Project (ILP).

There are two options for the sequence of courses in Phase 2.

  • In option 1, students enrol in the ILP in Year 3. During the next four teaching periods, you must complete the ILP courses (MFAC4501-4503) and 12 units of credit of courses from another Faculty. The ILP is completed during the Summer Teaching Period in Year 4. The four Phase 2 courses (MFAC2501-2504) are undertaken in the remaining four teaching periods in year 4, followed by the Integrated Clinical Examination and Portfolio examination.
  • In option 2, students commence the four Phase 2 courses (MFAC2501-2504) in Year 3. After passing the Phase 2 Integrated Clinical Examination at the end of Summer Teaching Period in Year 4, students enrol in the ILP and extra-Faculty courses for the remainder of Year 4. The Phase finishes with your Portfolio examination.

In both options, all students will do the Phase 2 courses in the same order but at different times.