Year 5 » Biomedical Sciences & Examination

During your Medicine and Surgery courses you will be attending Biomedical Sciences Tutorials, the timetable for these is on the notice board outside the Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU). Also, as part of this program you will need to visit the Department of Forensic Sciences, see page 9 of the Biomedical Sciences Manual. As there are only to be 8 students per visit, please place your name on the list on the notice board outside the CTU. If more visits are needed contact the CTU to organise more.

Biomedical Sciences Viva Examination

The intention of this barrier examination is to test your understanding of the biomedical sciences in the context of clinical scenarios. Assessment of knowledge of material covered in macroscopic pathology demonstrations and laboratory visits will comprise part of the examination. Anatomical, pathological, microbiological specimens and imaging investigations may also be used as a focus of discussion during the viva voce examination. Further information about the examination is provided in the Student Manual.

The examination will be held at the end of Year 5 and will be replicated at the main campuses of the Rural Clinical School.

Students are required to sit this examination at the end of Year 5 irrespective of their performance in courses during Year 5.

Please refer to the Medicine Program website for further information.