Year 5 » Clinical Experience

A clerkship is more than writing up an admission or taking notes during the ward round. It is important that you admit patients as this is how you’ll gain a full understanding of the patient’s presentation and it is your best opportunity to establish a rapport with the patient. You then have to stay involved.

Share your patient’s experiences – shadow your patient as they go to different diagnostic services or the operating theatre.

Develop your skills of explanation by debriefing patients after a ward round – explain what is happening. Provide a link for your patient to the other staff - advocate for your patient if they have questions or concerns.

Work closely with the residents – you will be one soon. Find out what it is like to be a resident, how can you prepare for it.

Try and see your patients sometimes without the residents – how would you handle the problem, present your assessment to the resident/registrar when they do their rounds. Check the patient’s results during the day, interpret them first before discussing them with the resident. Review the patient's medication chart and look up the important adverse effects and drug interactions so as you can monitor your patients more effectively.