Year 6

During Year 6, you will complete the remaining core courses and your Selective courses. For most of you this will include the Emergency attachment as well.

Obviously you will be very focused on preparing for the final exams (and if you haven’t already been preparing for them, you’ll need to catch up). While learning from your clinical experiences will still be very important (and the only way you can really improve your clinical skills), it is essential that you approach your study in a systematic way so as you cover all the disciplines. By now, you should be part of a study group to revise your learning, practise clinical skills and management vivas.

The Clinical Teaching Unit will organise practice sessions on management vivas and additional tutorials. You should attend these tutorials though your attendance cannot conflict with other responsibilities associated with whatever course you are currently doing. It is understandable that you prefer to go to tutorials but you must still meet the requirements of your clinical attachment.

You also need to look at your portfolio and make sure that you complete additional activities if there are deficiencies. Speak to your clerkship supervisor or the Clinical Teaching Unit Staff about what you could do.